VIVA Successfully Received Special Fund Support

"VIVA Reading" is a high-quality portfolio that ZHONG Capital invests in. VIVA Reading is an all-digital magazine reading platform that covers the mainstream smart phones and tablet operating systems with integrating about 600 major domestic newspapers, magazines, and books. By the end of 2014, the monthly active users of VIVA had reached more than 35 million. With innovations in product technology, the VIVA reading has changed the advertising shape of traditional mobile media and it has become an important partner for new media cooperation in various industries. On December 22, 2016, VIVA was able to get the "Project Award" which is supported by the Beijing Cultural and Creative Industries Development Special Fund that is a solicitation face to the public held by the Beijing State-owned Cultural Assets Supervision and Administration Office. It is reported that there are more than 1300 cultural and creative enterprises have applied this time, including the television, advertising, tourism, and news publishing industry. In the end, only 347 enterprises have been selected for the project. VIVA was successfully nominated. The enterprises that were supported by this project enjoy the following four benefits : Awards Support those projects with significant social and economic benefits, projects having instructive and demonstrative function on cultural innovation and development, or incubator enterprises of cultural and innovation industries, fast developing cultural innovation companies which have standardized operations and relying on capital markets In addition, it also supports the interest on credit funds that are generated by cultural and creative enterprises for real-time cultural and creative industry projects when they borrow, the rental interests from financing lease institutions (including rents paid in advance as the commission), and the support for the guarantee fee arising from obtaining guarantees from the professional guarantee agencies, all these policies will undoubtedly provide a greater development room and more possibilities for VIVA reading. The two major projects launched by VIVA in 2016, “Looking for Lin Huiyin”and“Science and Technology Lecture Hall”, have made important achievements in the fields of culture and science technology. "Looking for Lin Huiyin" micro-film uses live broadcast + theme symposium + New Year's Eve night + "April World Day" new media evening publicity promotion model, not only works with the influential bookstores in China to carry out poetry recitation cooperation but also popularize the culture of the ROC with major universities using new media , all parties cooperate in full swing, in April 2017 there will be another online micro-film, so stay tuned. The "science and technology lecture hall" adopts the live broadcast + crowdfunding model, and it is in conjunction with the largest crowdfunding website in the country successively released business travel fabric care and new children's dental orthodontic technologies to enable the possibility of providing scientists technological product liquidating channels and bring science and technology out of the laboratory and makes the domestic emerging consumer stratum better with providing more choices, ultimately improves the liquidity of domestic self-developed products. VIVA, as a new media mobile reading platform with many years of deep cultural content and has already had 230 million users. In recent years, it has integrated the product technology and strategic resources of the main products ‘Reading’ and ‘Guangyuetong’. On the basis of the original powerful digital media distribution channels, we have focused on the marking of a culture new media

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