VIVA's Successful Listing on China's NEEQ

VIVA reading (stock abbreviation: Weiwangming, stock code: 870672) is a high-quality portfolio that ZHONG Capital invests in. On February 23rd, the NEEQ listing ceremony of VIVA was held in Beijing, becoming the first share of mobile reading in the Chinese capital market. On February 23rd, Beijing Weiwangming Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (Stock Code: 870672), the NEEQ listing bell ceremony was held in Beijing. Han Ying, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Guo Jia and Wu Ge, Capital Partners of ZHONG Capital, Zhou Xiaodong, partner of Haitong Xingtai Capital, Li Zhouhuan, President of Beijing branch of the SPD Silicon Valley Bank, and Yang Jun, Project Director of Essence Securities Co., Ltd., attended the listing ceremony and witnessed this historical moment. Since its establishment in 2007, Weiwang Ming has obtained a number of industry qualifications. The company and its subsidiaries have applied for registration of more than 40 software copyrights. They have become the official new media publisher for the Boao Forum for Asia for six consecutive years and have become the same for CHINA JOY for two consecutive years, also received many honors and awards in the field of new media. At the beginning of the company's establishment, it upholds a high-quality content strategy. Its VIVA has signed content cooperation agreements with more than 300 magazines for attracting numerous loyal magazines readers and gradually accumulating high quality and stable user group. Via the service of high-quality brand advertisers, the company's new media advertising influence has been rapidly expanded. At the same time, it attaches great importance to technology research and development, constantly improves the compatibility and operating efficiency of the platform, establishes absolute competitive advantages in the field of magazine content aggregation, grows into the most popular e-magazine media platform in the era of mobile Internet. In the past two years, the company focused on business transformation, continued to increase investment in technology research and development, human resources, and market expansion, continued to introduce high-quality content partners, conducted a comprehensive upgrade to VIVA Read user Client, and upgraded from the original magazine platform to an all-round new media platform, it has gradually become one of the top three in the domestic new media field. Through years of hard working, Wei Wangming has established "two major platforms" and "ten systems." The two platforms include VIVA Read New Media Information Reading Platform and Guangyuetong Smart Trading Platform. The top ten systems include graphic audio and video content automatic capture system, content automatic labeling and personalized pushing algorithm system, VIVA ID open content production system, distributed content real-time editing system, new media advertisement display and management system, and advertisement program optimized purchasing and distribution system, on-demand system, real-time live broadcast system, user wallet and market trading system, and user reading community interaction system. Currently, VIVA reads and serves 230 million high-quality users, more than 200 brand advertisers, and focuses on high-end cultural content output. It is committed to becoming the new link which is linking traditional culture with modern life. The Guangyuetong platform serves more than 100 small and medium-sized APPs, with more than one million daily active users. The company is committed to making it the first smart trading platform that truly embodies the value of content in China. At the same time, with his own powerful technology and operational capability, Wei Wang Ming successfully let the company entered the second phase of the digital translation of the State Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television Bureau in October 2016, which means that the company will contribute its technical strengths and operating experience for the transformation of the traditional media industry spread in 332 prefecture-level cities and 2860 county-level cities in China to fully contributed to the digital media upgrade and transformation of the national media. With the vigorous development of the mobile Internet, the mobile new media industry is bound to be the new favourite in the capital market. Looking forward to the future, Weiwang Ming will continue to put efforts on high-quality information services and mobile new media advertising services, focusing on customers, continue to innovate based on user needs, building first-class user experience, and strive to become the leading innovative new media platform in China.

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