Nashwork Bird's Nest Flagship Location Open to the Public

Nashwork is a high quality portfolio invested by ZHONG Capital Holdings. It is the largest maker space in the country. There are 6646 sets of office space in line, and the total area of the suite is more than 664,600 square meters. On December 21st, Nashwork announced the opening of the bird nest flagship project in Beichen Century Center of Beijing. As the largest shared office project in China, the Nashwork bird nest flagship project has reached full rent in the trial operation stage before its opening. It not only becomes a benchmarking project in the shared office industry, but also becomes a landmark event in the development process of the industry. The Nashwork bird nest flagship project has aroused wide attention from four aspects, such as space location, product layout, ecological supporting service and operation efficiency. From a spatial point of view, the Bird's Nest flagship project is located in Beijing's core business district of YAAO. With convenient transportation, it is adjacent to the Bird’s Nest, Orson Park, Water Cube, and is connected with the National Convention Center. It has unique geographical advantages. At the same time, this project together with the Zhongguancun Shangdi area on the west and the Wangjing area on the east side together form the core area of the entrepreneurial delta in the Beijing area, which is expected to become a new landmark in Beijing's business office and entrepreneurship scene. From the perspective of product layout, the bird nest flagship project occupies 1-3 floors of 5A level office buildings with an overall area of more than 13000 square meters. Nashwork's flagship product, super studio and joint office area form a perfect product portfolio that can meet office requirements for more than 1-300 people. According to public statistics, the Nashwork Super Studio 2.0 product has been in short supply since its launch in August this year. In the fourth quarter of 2017 alone, 500 Super Studios were sold out. The “Independent + Joint” model created by the super studio in the shared office industry not only preserves the privacy space more suitable for the office habits of the Chinese people, but also supports the shared service of the joint office. It has become a differentiated operation of the Nashwork’s one of the flagship products in the shared office area. From the perspective of ecological supporting services, the Nash Space Bird Nest flagship project has created a high-end business club for the settled CEOs, executives, neighboring companies, and crowds on the third floor. It can host and undertake business innovation, Internet technology, business finance,business social and many other theme activities. On the first floor, Nashwork also integrates many partners such as convenience bee and light pigsty, and can provide a full range of supporting services such as convenience stores, western restaurants, gyms, bookstores, and art shows. Regardless of whether you are in the company or the just the surrounding people, you can download the Nashwork APP to book conference rooms, clubs and other related services. It is precisely because of its unique advantages that the Nashiwork Bird Nest flagship project has already reached full rent before the trial operation. In addition to dozens of small, medium and micro enterprises, large enterprises such as JD.com and Hanneng have also been attracted. In the shared office industry, it has attracted many upstream and downstream partners to visit and learn. Zhang Jian, founder and CEO of Nashwork, said to the reporter: “The completion of the Bird’s Nest flagship project is a milestone in the development of Nashworke and a benchmark project in the shared office industry. This project is a centralized operation of Nash space Presentation and also an important innovation in the revolution of the office scene. We hope to help more high-growth companies via the operation of this project, and to build a model of eco-friendly win-win for shared office at the same time.” It is reported that Nashwork has so far reached a strategic partnership with COFCO Ecological Valley, Wushu, Greentown, Country Garden, Qingpu Humanities Resort, Excellence Group, and convenient bees, light pigsty and other enterprises, continues to accelerate the establishment of a shared office ecosystem. Nashwork has now combined more than 300 companies to provide classified services to businesses in the space, including industry and commerce, tax law, government affairs, cleaning, smart office, fitness, catering, business meetings, etc., and continuously improve the quality of entrepreneurial services and user experience. . According to public statistics, Nashwork was established in 2013. Currently, there are 5 cities in China with a total area of 700,000 square meters, and more than 7,000 enterprises have settled in, serving more than 10,000 enterprises. In 2016, Nashwork won the “National Creative Space” awarded by the Ministry of Science and Technology, and in the same year, it also won several honors such as the Top Ten National Cooperative Office Operators.

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